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How To Go To Arca South

Address: ARCA South, Brgy. Western Bicutan, Taguig City, Metro Manila 1007
Contact Details: +63 2 976-8655


Situated in the heart of Southern Metro Manila near the proposed Taguig Integrated Terminal Exchange,ARCA South is being built on a portion of the former Food Terminal, Inc. with direct access from twomajor thoroughfares: C-5 and Skyway. The development is seven kilometers from Makati, less than fivekilometers from NAIA, and five kilometers from Bonifacio Global City. It will also be accessible fromSkyway via an exit ramp.


With the government’s major infrastructure development Taguig Integrated Terminal Exchange, ARCASouth will be a pivotal destination in the south. An estimated four thousand units of public transport fromLaguna, Batangas, Quezon, and Bicol bring 200,000 mobile commuters via the Skyway and C5/C6access ramps.




  • From Taguig, Makati CBD and Ortigas C-5 Route: From EDSA-Buendia, drive south to C-5, then turnto Metro Manila Skyway (E. Service Rd).EDSA Route: From EDSA, take ramp to Metro Manila Skyway(W. Service Rd), then exit to Lawton Avenue to switch to E. Service Rd.
  • From NAIA and AlabangTake Sales Road and exit onto the Metro Manila Skyway (E. Service Rd). Take E. Service Road to Arca South.




  • The government’s future major infrastructure development Taguig Integrated Terminal Exchangeconnects ARCA South to pivotal destinations in the south. 4,000 units of public transport from Laguna,Batangas, Quezon, and Bicol bring 200,000 mobile commuters via the Skyway and C5/C6 access ramps.

Arca South Commercial District

The ARCA South commercial district is envisioned to be the address of businesses that value synchronicity and accessibility. It is highly accessible to residential communities, innovative workspaces and diverse lifestyle destinations. The commercial lots are located within a comfortable distance to residential enclaves; Ayala Land Premier, Alveo and Avida.